The Experience


Hire Up: Discovery Phase (3 Hours)


Make a Positive First Impression

Improve your self-awareness and authentically connect with your audience by uncovering your strengths and hidden talents that will help you land the job.

  Divide for Breakout Sessions


Communicate with Confidence

Present yourself and tell your unique story with confidence, clarity, and creativity.

  Break and Switch Breakout Groups

Perception Is Reality

Be aware of the signs and signals you give off to ensure your energy and behavior makes the most positive impact in an interview situation.

  Entire Group Back Together

Activate Your Opportunity

Maintain confidence in the face of unexpected obstacles so that you can navigate your career with resourcefulness and creativity.


Hire Up: Breakthrough Phase (3 Hours)


Think Quickly on Your Feet

Stay cool under pressure and adapt to the unexpected without ever seeming scripted or rehearsed.

  Divide for Breakout Sessions

Prove Your Value    

Set yourself apart by sharing stories that prove your work ethic, leadership, talent, and intellect rather than making general statements.

  Break and Switch Breakout Groups

Lead by Example       

Own your leadership style and take accountability for your professional behavior while presenting yourself with honesty, humility, and appropriate humor.

  Entire Group Back Together

Protect Your Professional Brand

Establish and maintain your professional reputation by staying consistent and confident in your words, thoughts, and actions when interacting in person and online.



Experience HireUp

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